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Целебные свойства фейхоа

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Moskvich - 214242 «Ivan Kalita»

Moskvich-"Ivan Kalita" - a Russian passenger car, выпускающийся of the AZLK plant from 1998 to 2001. This model of the Muscovite was a four-door sedan with front-wheel drive BMWs.
The new car was built on the basis of the stretch of the Muscovite Prince Vladimir. The wheel base of these models are the same. However, the Muscovite Kalita was longer than the predecessor to 20 cm. Growth was achieved due to increase of eaves of the body.
The design of the Muscovite Kalita was created by designer С.Саакяном. Although presented at the exhibition sample differed from the picture. The General form of auto bit like monumental mark Lincoln, Cadillac. However, many people were surprised rough version and the crude design.
The further fate of the Muscovite Kalita
The car began to gather at the factory by the piece. Mass of buyers model was not, as the price it was very high, both for the domestic (though and well equipped) the vehicle. However, the factory leadership hoped to order the party Muscovite Kalita Moscow mayor's office. But it was purchased by a single number of copies. It is known that for some time the sedan was in the car Park mayor Yuri Luzhkov.
Muscovite Ivan Kalita was one of the last cars produced by the plant AZLK. He was also an attempt to enter the segment of luxury sedans, business-class, with corresponding price, and thus solve the financial problems of the enterprise. However, as time has shown, such a strategy was wrong. Auto, based on the basis of customary Moskvich-2141 (features which are clearly visible in the guise of) either visually and technically, with a very inflated price and hastily created by the design could not become widespread. Even in spite of the rich equipment.
"Moskvich", class de Luxe". Perhaps, sounds, at least, ridiculous. However, the creators of the "Kalita"and, in particular, the Director of the Ruben Asatryan, believed completely in a different way.
Initially, the model wore index 2142Z7 and was a four-wheel-drive version of the sedan 2142. However, in the process of work, the car has received index 2144, which previously belonged to the "car of the year 2000" - "Istra".
The common people saw the model at MIMS-98. Looks to be honest for the Amateur. On the one hand it's bright and catchy, but on the other - pretentious and tasteless. Moreover, there are rumors that the lights "Kalita", is nothing like the "inside-out" headlights "Prince Vladimir". However, this is only a rumor. The rear part of the vehicle and does looks like a rudiment.
Despite the hopes of the leadership of the car, the model of the car and did not become a mass, and its production was limited to small parties. Initially this model was developed for the government of Moscow, but the city has considered the value of the car is too high and was ordered only a few cars. The retail value of the Muscovite-"Ivan Kalita" in 1998 amounted to 20 thousand us dollars. Together with the production of the basic model, was conducted by printing a large number of modifications of the Muscovite-"Ivan Kalita," including a double bedroom «Duet».

Technical characteristics
In the salon all the more calmer and more realistic that gives some hope. But later you realize that the car though and expensive, but domestic. The build quality is first, and the materials fit is not the best way. And in General interior design is quite соответвует class car (or rather, vanities for him).
The level of comfort is also good. Comfortable leather interior, air conditioning, power steering, electric control side mirrors, электростеклоподъемниками, электроблокировка door lock, radio with CD player. All this is good, but the build quality as always drove all the advantages of the car.
In technical terms the car looks even more depressing. Base is taken from the elongated "Prince Vladimir", which in turn made on the basis of "the forty-first". And therefore, the design is not the most modern. However, the components were selected foreign: hydraulic braking system with vacuum booster Lucas, single-disk clutch Valeo,
The car they composed a petrol engine Renault, volume 2,0л. and capacity 113л.с. or 145л.с. Gearbox one - 5-speed manual. As expected, complaints engine did not cause.
This model has been equipped with гидроусилитилем steering wheel, leather interior, refrigerator, air conditioning, electronic block system of locks, элеткроуправлением exterior rear-view mirrors. Also in Moscvich-"Ivan Kalita" was attended by a new panel and radio that is capable of playing compact discs.
The new headlights have been received by creating a cap for standard units from the serial Muscovite Svyatogor. A few did not fit into the General appearance of the Muscovite Kalita radiator grille and a-La rolls-Royce. Was also set a new bonnet. Rear светоблоки were created similarly to the front, only the "donor" were made by the nodes of Prince Vladimir. When viewed in profile, it was obvious that it's all the same stretch sedan, only with a very long one. Stayed even a blank window in the rear doors.
A special pride caused four-wheel drive transmission, the development of which engineers AZLK started back in the late 80-ies. In the transmission of three differential. The principle of action of automatic brake and the axis is the same. In the teeth of the gear drive shaft consists of satellites. Highlight - in the helical toothing. When one of the wheels slip on the other, the pinion rotates the satellites and in a helical pinion arise axial and radial forces. Under their action satellites ends and the tops of the teeth rubbing on housing differential, causing it to rotate and "drag" the second wheel.

Main characteristics:
Manufacturer: Moskvich
Model: Ivan Kalita
Modification: Moscow Ivan Kalita 214242
Start of production: January 1998.
Of completion: January 2001.
Body style: 4 o engine sedan
The engine of a car
Engine location: front, longitudinal
Engine power, h.p.: 145
Is achieved in revolutions per min.: 6000
Engine capacity, cm3: 1988
Torque, N*m / rpm min.: 185/4500
Maximum speed, km/h: 187
Time of acceleration up to 100 km/h in a sec.: 10.5
Fuel consumption (in the city), l/100 km: 11.5
Drive the car
Drive type: front
Box gears
Gearbox type: MT
The number of stages: 5
Car suspension
Front suspension: independent, spring, type McPherson
Rear axle: axle lever-spring, with the stabilizer of cross stability
Brake system
Front brakes: disc
Rear brakes: drum
Dimensions of the vehicle
Length, mm: 4910
Width, mm: 1690
Height, mm): 1400
Wheelbase, mm: 2780
Track wheels in front, mm: 1446
Track rear wheels, mm: 1426
Other characteristics
Fuel tank volume, l: 55
Seats: 5
Tire size: 185/70R14

In spite of the fact that the car was produced the piece, on its basis in 1999, was released double bedroom «Duet», while the «Kalita» there were a number of modifications, различавшихся by the power unit:
«Moskvich-214242» (index by VIN-code - «2142R5») - with the engine Renault F3R working volume 2,0л
«Moskvich-214242-160» (index by VIN-code - «2142R7») - with the engine Renault F7R or F4R working volume 2,0л
In addition, in November 1998 were created wheel modified, обозначавшиеся as:
«Moskvich-21442» (index by VIN-code - «2144R5») - with the engine Renault F3R
«Moskvich-21442-160» (index by VIN-code - «2144R7») - with the engine Renault F7R or F4R.

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