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Целебные свойства фейхоа

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Ford A

Ford Model A, 1927 - automobile produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1927 to 1931. The second model with the index And in the history of Ford Motor.



In the beginning of the twenties of the Ford Motor Company dominated the automobile market with the model of the Ford Model T. However, in the mid-twenties, this dominance on the market of mass car faster declined due to competitors such as General Motors. The drop in sales model T made Henry Ford's consent to begin development of a new model.

The first Ford A was made on October 20, 1927, but sales started only 2 December 1927. He was replaced on the conveyor Reverend Ford Model T, which was produced in the course of 18 years.

The model was produced in different versions: Coupe (Standard and Deluxe), Business Coupe, «Sport Coupe», «Roadster Coupe» (Standard and Deluxe), convertible, Phaeton (Standard and Deluxe), «Tudor» (Standard and Deluxe), «Town Car», «Fordor» (2-window) (Standard and Deluxe), «Fordor» (3-window) (Standard and Deluxe), «Victoria», wagon, taxi, pick-up, etc.

Prices on Ford of A varied from $385 for a model with a body Roadster up to $1400 for the modification of the «Town Car».

In addition to the United States, Ford produced the model in factories in Argentina, Canada, France, Germany and the UK. In Europe, where the cars taxed in accordance with the working volume of the engine, Ford has equipped the model And engine 2033 CC. Nevertheless, the volume of the engine was still big enough and attracted

annual tax revenues from the vehicle in the amount of £24 in the UK and similar taxes in other major European markets, with the result that the car was not able to compete in the sector of low-cost mass car. The model was the same and too crude to act as luxury items.

Production ended in 1931. All were released 4849340 Ford models A in all the versions. He was succeeded by Ford Model B (1932).

In 1932, in the USSR on the plant of GAS began to be issued by a licensed version of the model under the name of the GAS-AND.


Design features

The model was set 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine working volume of 3.28 l, developing a 40 horsepower. Model A 1927 model year was the first model of Ford, which used a standard set of management bodies with the usual clutch pedals and brake and accelerator pedal and lever cat in contrast to the previous models of Ford.

The fuel tank is located in the torpedo, between the engine compartment and the instrument panel. He had the optical fuel gauge, fuel flows to the carburetor by gravity.

The model was the first car with safety glass in the windscreen. Ford Model A used mechanical drum brakes on all wheels. In 1930, the lining of the radiator grille and headlamp housings made of stainless steel.


Technical characteristics

Dimensions, mm

length x width x height - 3790x1710x1788

base - 2630

Body - Phaeton, four-door

The layout of the

The engine in the front

the drive wheels, rear

Maximum speed, km/h 90

Engine - gasoline, carburetor, in-line

number of cylinders - 4

working volume - 3285 cm3

number of valves - 8

location - left

power, HP/ kW - 40/29,4 at 2200 rpm

Gearbox : mechanical three-stage


Front - dependent, on the transverse springs

The rear axle, the transverse springs

Brake - mechanical

Front - drum

Rear - drum

Electrical Equipment - 6 In

Tire size - 5.50-19


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