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Целебные свойства фейхоа

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Moskvich - 426

Moskvich-426 - Soviet cargo-and-passenger car, published in Moscow, at the factory МЗМА, and, later, AZLK, from 1967 to 1976. Is a cargo / passenger version of the universal car Moskvich-408.

Description of design
On the basis of a car Moskvich-408 in 1967, was released universal Moskvich-426. The cars of the first years of the issue (until 1972) baggage door consisted of two parts: the upper up, lower down. Subsequently, the rear doors were single and was only opened up. The differences from models of the Muscovite-427 were in a less powerful engine.
The cars until 1972 issue, Luggage door consisted of two parts: the upper upstairs, lower tossed down. Subsequently, the back door was «single» and recline up. In 1969, the car a little change its look, in particular, he received a rectangular headlights instead of round from the front, the horizontal lights at the back. Also the gear lever with the steering wheel is moved to the floor.
Since 1976, in connection with the removal of the production of the family cars «Moskvich-408» and performances in the production of a family of «Moskvich-2138», produced in the universal «Moskvich-2136».

Technical characteristics
Dimensions, mm
length x width x height 4090x1550x1525
base 2400
The layout of the
front engine
the drive wheels rear
The body of the five-door station wagon
Maximum speed, km/h 115
The engine МЗМА-408, gasoline, carburetor, in-line
the number of cylinders 4
working volume 1358 cm3
number of valves 8
the location of the upper
power, kW/HP 50/36,8 at 4750 rpm
A four-step gearbox
front independent, spring
rear axle, the longitudinal springs
Brakes hydraulic (from 1967 - with hydro vacuum amplifier)
front drum
back drum
Electrical Equipment 12 In
Tyre size 6.00-13

Moskvich-426 - base station wagon.
Moskvich-426М - universal medical service.
Moskvich-426Т - universal-taxi.
Moskvich-426Э - export station wagon.
Moskvich-426К - universal-set.
Moskvich-426Ю - wagon in the southern performance.
Moskvich-426И - like a Muscovite-408И.
Moskvich-426ИЭ - like a Muscovite-408ИЭ.
Moskvich-426П - RHD wagon, released a small amount.
In December 1969, Moskvich-426 passed modernization, as the basic model, he also received in the index of the letter of ie. External differences from the previous modification of these cars do not have. 

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