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Целебные свойства фейхоа

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Moskvich - 2141 - 02 «Svyatogor»

From 1998 to 2001, was the upgraded version of «Moskvich-2141-02», known under its own designation - «Svyatogor».
The upgraded version of the car «Moskvich-2141» debuted in 1997. Updated the car has received not only a new index (2141-02) and the proper name of «Svyatogor», but also significantly changed the appearance and a more powerful engine. Thanks to the new headlamps firm «Hella», the appearance of the car has become more attractive and less silhouetted against the foreign models of the mid-nineties.
At AZLK this car has received a slightly different appearance, which sought to adjust to the modern auto brands. The result was quite a good option, but vivid signs of the old model still clearly dominated. It should be noted that in the trunk of the car you can place a sufficiently large amount of weight.
In addition to innovation in appearance, the car also received an absolutely new engine, which was made at the factory of Renault. The scope of the power unit was 2.0 liters and capacity of 104.5 horsepower. You should agree that such technical indicators can give odds of even modern domestic cars, most of which are equipped with a 1.6 l engine. And a capacity of only 80л.с.
Such technical characteristics of Svyatogor, of course, on the order of improved надежностьавтомобиля, the comfort of travel and its high-speed qualities. But these are not the only advantages of the internal state of the model. Good speed can not be supported by excellent brakes and quality clutch, therefore these areas quite well modernized manufacturers. Also there was a little reduced ground clearance of the vehicle. It is clear that these local engineers aim to improve the driving properties of Svyatogor and for better coupling of the car to the road.
In view of the absence of its own engine with satisfactory performance, the management of JSC «Moskvich» decided to use the motor F3R272 firm Renault volume of 2.0 l (option -214145 «Svyatogor» - 104,5 HP. (gross - 113 HP)). Modern French engine has greatly improved the reliability, dynamic and high-speed characteristics of the car. The installation of more powerful engine resulted in a change in the nodes of the transmission and the brakes on a more reliable and modern foreign production (used Valeo clutch and vacuum power brakes firm Lucas). In addition, the M-214145 was reduced ground clearance.
However, a large portion of the issue continued to put the old engines of VAZ-2106 and PRISON-3317 (individual party «Святогоров» equipped with a 1.8-liter engines VAZ-2130 and PRISON-3313/3318).
In 2002 the factory conveyor belt stopped, and the most recent instances of poorly collected and requiring strong refining, left the shop at the beginning of 2003. Even after the cessation of the operation of the plant AZLK, production of «Moskvich 2141(-02)» and the truck on its base continued to third-party enterprises until 2002, until the finished vehicle sets.

Technical characteristics
Mark fuel: gasoline AI-92
The engine's volume, cubic cm.: 1702
Power, h.p.: 85
Is achieved at UPM.: 5300
Torque, Nm/rpm.: 130/3200
Maximum speed, km/h: 160
Time of acceleration up to 100 km/h, sec.: 14.9
The layout of the engine: Front, longitudinal
Cylinder diameter, mm: 85
Piston stroke, mm: 75
Compression ratio: 8.5

Drive type: Front

Transmission: MT
The number of stages: 5

Front: Depreciation Desk
Rear: Helical spring

Front: Disc
Rear: Drum

Length, mm: 4350
Width, mm: 1690
Height, mm): 1400
Wheelbase, mm: 2580
Track wheels in front, mm: 1440
Track rear wheels, mm: 1420

Number of seats: 5
Tire size: 165/80 R14
Unladen mass, kg: 1080
Allowed mass, kg: 1480
Luggage compartment volume, l: 470
Fuel tank volume, l: 55 


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