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Целебные свойства фейхоа
Целебные свойства фейхоа

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KIM-10-51 is a modification of passenger car KIM-10-50 with a body of type «Faeton». Was released in 1941, the industrial party.
Her body had a cloth folding tent and sides with целлулоидными Windows. The car was intended mainly for use in the southern regions of the country and as a staff car for the military. As the basic model, KIM-10-51 had two doors. For access to the rear seats recline the back of the front forward. By the way forward, and the opening the doors, which at the time was not very usual and even a few of the exotic, as if now launched the mass production of the car with the doors, equipped parallel to the car body on one of the canopy.
Fabric awning Phaeton had the frame of several metal edges, connected joints. The tent was fixed consignment note прошвой* on the rear wall of the body, on the main rear arc and on the front of the beam, which the two locks-brackets пристегивался to the frame of the wind window. The rest of the arc with a tent were not connected and only served to support it. After the release of the frontal timber hood could be folded up on the top edge of the rear wall of the body. In the folded form at the tent put at the top pouch that protects it from dust. In the back of the tent there was a small window in the light metal frame. The side window frames the body does not have. Instead of them were provided removable cloth side with целлулоидными Windows. For the attachment of both sides on the sides of the body were made by a special slot. In addition to the side pillars of the wind window was supposed to install the pivot glass wind turbines. Until the end of 1941, was supposed to issue 50 thousand copies. However, two months after the deployment of the serial production of the war began, and the production has been phased out. Was made a total of about 10 cars KIM-10-51.
Motorization of the Soviet society dragged on for many decades.

Technical characteristics
Dimensions, mm
length x width x height  - 3943x1430x1600
base - 2386
The layout of the
front engine
the drive wheels rear
The body of the two-door sedan
Maximum speed, km/h 90
The engine KIM-10, gasoline, carburetor, in-line
the number of cylinders 4
working volume 1172 cm3
number of valves 8
the location of the lower
power, HP/kW 30/22 at 4000 rpm
Gearbox, the three-stage
front axle, the transverse springs
rear axle, the transverse springs
Mechanical brake
front drum
rear drum
Electrical Equipment Of 6 In
Tyre size 5.00-16

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